URL shorteners

URL shorteners.
Link shortening services allow you to shorten a link by reducing its length to a few characters.
Thus, it becomes possible to place a shortened link where the maximum link length is limited. A short URL is easy to remember, dictate over the phone or in a lecture at an educational institution.
Classification of link shorteners:
1. With the ability to choose your own short URL or not.
2. Short URL creation without registration.
Shortening links without registration allows you not to waste time creating an account in the shortener, but to shorten the link right away.
However, registering an account gives users additional functionality, in particular:
– Ability to edit both long and short links.
– Viewing statistics, traffic graphs by day and hour, traffic geography by country with visualization on a map, traffic sources.
– Mass shortening of links. Thousands of links can be shortened at a time by loading them from a CSV file containing long and short links in the appropriate columns; the third optional column can contain headers.
– Geo-targeting. You can make it so that the same short link for visitors from different countries will lead to different long links. To do this, create additional short links by adding a minus sign and a country code in two small letters to the short URL.
– Shortening links via API.
3. Creating a short link in the service domain, or in your own domain.

User categories of link shorteners:
a. Universities and other educational institutions. Teachers shorten links to study materials and group video conferences Micosoft Team, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.
b. Popular Youtube bloggers. They shorten links leading to external sites and insert short URLs in the video description or in their own comment, which is fixed at the top immediately or after a while.
c. Writers who produce video book reviews and post a short link to an online bookstore where their books can be purchased.
d. Internet marketers disguising affiliate links by shortening them. In addition, it is possible to prevent fraud from affiliate programs that underestimate the number of clicks on affiliate links. To do this, you can add the click sequence or click time as an additional marker in the long URL when shortening the affiliate link. In the report of the affiliate program, all the ordinal numbers of clicks and their time will be visible. If some clicks are not included in the report, their disappearance will be easily detected by the missing serial numbers of clicks.
e. SEO professionals shortening SEO links using key phrases in the short URL. Apparently, keywords in a short link with redirection through 301 redirects to a long link have a positive effect on the promotion in search engines for these words. In general, SEO is a very interesting and mysterious area. It is believed that SEO is long dead. But no, there are working technologies, just few people know about them. One of them uses 301 short URL redirects.
f. State and government agencies of different countries.

Interesting features of link shorteners:
– You can shorten the link of a site, even not tied to any domain, using only the IP address.
– If you shorten the link to a graphic file with a JPG, PNG or other extension and insert the short link into the HTML tag, then the tag will still work.

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